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ICSA Animal Health Carnot Institute


Innovating for healthy breeding and respectful of animal welfare and the environment 


ICSA is a research network which aims to support innovation, technology transfer and public-private partnership in the fields of infectious diseases, nutrition and genetics of livestock

ICSA offers businesses a range of integrated and multidisciplinary research skills to address the issues of animal health within the concept of "One Health"


ICSA provides to you :

  • a single point of contact dedicated to companies with access to the wide range of skills to conduct collaborative research in a continuum including: infectious and parasitic diseases; adaptation of farming systems (production diseases, welfare) and the mobilization of genetic resources for animal health (disease resistance, robustness).
  • a simplified contracting process to ensure listening, traceability, reliability and speed in the processing of contracts.


Partnership proposal

  • Select animals adapted to the needs of innovative or alternative breeding
  • Select disease-resistant animals
  • Understand and master the adaptation of the animal responses to vaccines and medicines


  • Develop breeding and feeding systems favourable to animal health
  • Study relevant biomarkers of animal health and welfare
  • Seek alternatives for disease control


Infectious diseases
  • Innovation in the alternatives to - and efficiency and renewal of - vaccines, medicines and diagnostics
  • Detect without a priori pathogens in their biodiversity
  • Evaluate the safety of products and the environment


Main facilities

  • Animal experimentation platforms (in containment or not) able to house anything from fish all the way up to lactating cows in biosafety level 3 (BSL3 containment)
  • Insectariums ticks and insect vectors
  • Collections of more than 2500 pathogenic bacteria of human and animal strains
  • Surgery and imaging used on experimental models of sheep, goats and swine
  • Many animal models: mice, arthropods, ruminantia, pigs, poultry, fish
  • Infrastructure in intertropical areas (Caribbean, Africa, Indian Ocean)
  • An animal and environment poison control center
  • Many high speed "omics" platforms


Examples of projects with industrial partners

  • Development of a pediatric bronchiolitis vaccine in infants
  • Search for alternatives to antibiotics through feeding
  • Implementation of a tool for assessing the health value of feed ingredients"
  • Control of the pathogenic marine aquaculture flavobacteria : detection methods and vaccine development
  • Parasite control through the use of plants (eg sainfoin) in animal feed
  • Epidemiology and toxicology applied to European wildlife and ecosystems