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The R&D dating for animal health and innovation are organised over the course of two days

Conferences program of BioFIT

Track 1: Best practices in collaborative research

1)      Is the One Health dynamics a powerful driver for Open Innovation?

2)      Getting close to the action: new collaborative models to source innovation

3)      Precompetitive collaborations: sharing knowledge, but is there a tangible outcome?

4)      Four hands on the steering wheel? How are academia/industry alliances managed?

Track 2: Key issues in licensing and tech transfer

1)      Networks and alliances with the industry: how can TTOs contribute to their success?

2)      University spin-offs: how to optimize the business and university interests/ is it easy to balance

3)      How to implement and perform effective due diligence?

4)      Sovereign patent funds and IP monetization: how is this trend impacting the life sciences industry? / Sovereign patent funds: what’s the impact on startups and inventors?

Track 3: Early stage innovation: finding funds in all the right places

1)      The funding challenge: find alternative approaches to financing innovation

2)      How can TTOs partner more efficiently with patient groups, charities & foundations?

3)      US vs Europe: how do VCs assesses risk?

4)      Does crowd funding have a place in drug development?