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SATT Idfinnov

SATT Companies for Accelerating the Technology Transfer IdfInnov


The Companies for Accelerating the Technology Transfer (Les Sociétés d’Accélération du Transfert de Technologies or SATT) are French semi-public institutes for the development and commercialization of public research and innovation products. They are part of the measures implemented by the French National Research Agency (ANR) for the “Investment for the Future” program (program with a public funding of 35 B€, and additional private investments), whose ambition is to meet the innovation gap.

The SATT were created to be the privileged interface between companies and public research: they bring their expertise and resources in the maturation process and the transfer of technologies, and are the bridge between the inventive stage of technology and the needs of industry.

Bringing professionalism, expertise and financing, the SATT come along the process of projects of the transfer chain according to the needs of the future receptor in the process of co-conception and co-maturation. By increasing the Technology Readiness Levels, they also participate in reducing the risk for companies. The SATT have become an actor of economic development to reinforce company competitiveness, with an emphasis on SME and start-ups.

They are a key part of the French innovation ecosystem by linking the State, the public research operators and the industry in regional structures. They participate in the development of growth and jobs through innovation by improving competitiveness among French companies and creating start-ups through innovation coming from public research.


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