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In a unique framework of exchanges

In a unique framework of exchanges 

The objective of these animal health research meetings is to create a unique framework for exchanges between actors in public and private research in the form of pre-organised face-to-face business meetings, in order to encourage partnerships.

These meetings will thus enable:

  • the initiation of high-level exchanges between public and private research teams and biotechnology companies,
  • in veterinary and human medicine,
  • in France and in Europe.

Beyond the association of actors in animal health research, the SIMV plans, by organising these meetings, to increase exchanges between animal and human health in order to reciprocally accelerate the development of new molecules. It is thus aligned with the “One Health” concept. These collaborations will help to supplement and renew the therapeutic arsenal and management of diseases. Innovation in antibiotherapy and alternative strategies will be a priority topic during these meetings.

In order to increase the possibilities of meetings and, particularly, the exchanges between "animal health" and "human health", the SIMV decided to host its event within BioFIT on 2 and 3 December in Lille, France. BioFIT, a true platform for exchanges and collaboration meetings that will be in its third edition, has become the top international meeting focused on Open Innovation, defending this continuum between public and private research in the life sciences.

The R&D dating for animal health and innovation are organised over the course of two days around two main events:

  • a conference presenting the animal health sector, its challenges and its expertise, on the morning of 2 December
  • face-to-face meetings, public/private and private/private, on 2 December in the afternoon and all day on 3 December.

These meetings provide an opportunity to highlight the excellence and the high level of expertise of French teams in animal health, to encourage investment in this field, and to support France's competitiveness on the international stage.