“This event is already a major success!”

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The French association of animal health industry (SIMV) was pleased to have brought together more than 180 academic and industrial researchers during the first edition of the R&D dating for animal health and innovation. These meetings were placed under the high patronage of the Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs, the Minister in charge of Agriculture, the Minister in charge of Economy and Industry and the Secretariat of State in charge of Research. The first R&D dating for animal health and innovation took place on December 2nd and 3rd 2014 in Lille, France, hosted within Biofit. These meetings brought together 40 companies and 37 academic teams in the objective of fostering partnerships in favor of therapeutic innovation.

The first edition of "R&D dating for animal health and innovation" brought together over two days, December 2nd and 3rd 2014, 180 researchers, 41 companies[1] and 37 academic research teams. Seven European countries were present: England, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Finland, France and the Netherlands.

Jean-Louis Hunault, President of SIMV, welcomed the success of this event, which from its first edition brought together a large number of health innovation stakeholders and has launched a dynamic of gathering and transversality "Through this event, the SIMV demonstrated that animal health is a key actor in innovation!"

During the introductory conference on December 2nd, Jean-Christophe Dantonel (Director of Health Biotechnology program of the General Commission for Investment, French government) presented a first assessment of “Investissement d’Avenir” program, which aims to accelerate discoveries, and referred to the place of animal health in such projects. Thierry Pineau, Chief of Animal Health Department of INRA, starting from the concept of "One Health" has highlighted the links between the human and veterinary medicine, which allow accelerating the development of new molecules. Ariane Vander Stappen, representative of the European Commission, came back on the on-going European reform of veterinary medicines in order to reaffirm the commitment of the Commission to create favorable conditions for innovation in this sector. Finally, Gerard Papierok, President of the SIMV research working group, concluded to reaffirm that public-private transfer is a key driver of innovation and the transfer technology organizations (SATT) are a key factor in this success.

The first "R&D dating for animal health and innovation" created by the French association of Animal Health industry (SIMV) catalyzed commitment to research and development of veterinary pharmaceutical and reagent companies. The objective of these meetings was to initiate, in Europe, high-level exchanges between private research teams (pharmaceutical, reagent and biotechnology industries, in Veterinary and human medicine) and public research, to promote the French expertise in animal health, lead to partnerships (public-private and private-private) and to boost innovation.

The Animal Health Carnot Institute, Eurasanté, Medicen Paris Region, the French alliance for research and innovation in health industries, the Ministry in charge of Agriculture through its EcoAntibio plan and the organization for Accelerating the Technology Transfer (SATT idfinnov, SATT Nord, SATT Conectus Alsace) were partners in this event. Many others[2] organisms provide their support.

In line with the policy of the government on research and innovation, they received strong political support by obtaining the high patronage of Laurent Fabius, Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs, Stéphane Le Foll, Minister in charge of Agriculture, Emmanuel Macron, Minister in charge of Economy and Industry and Geneviève Fioraso, Secretary of State in charge of Research.

The innovation actors wished to testify:

Pascal Breton, Vitamfero, “I am pleased to participate in the first business convention in animal health, such an event was missing”

Atimad Gaughain, Qalian, "Thanks to SIMV for organizing this event. If we had to make all these appointments by ourselves, it would have taken several months"

Benédicte Menn, SATT IDfinnov, "Our partnership with SIMV was successful and we have already launched a call for projects "One Health" to map new projects for the next edition Dating"

Sabine Riffault, INRA/ICSA, "All exchanges with industry were very positive, it is already a success in any case, I am impressed by the volume of the B2B taken, is the proof of concept, it's worth carrying on.”

Let’s commit ourselves to animal and public health innovation together!

[1] Including 14 SIMV members : Axience, Biové, Boehringer Ingelheim, CEVA, Elanco, Merial, MSD santé animale, Novartis, Qalian, Thermofisher, TVM, Vetoquinol, Virbac, Zoetis

[2] The clusters Atlanpôle biothérapie, Eurobiomed and Nutrition Santé Longévité, CVT Valorisation Sud, IRT Bioaster, DVS "Innovation en Vaccinologie" du CVT Aviesan, SATT  Sud-Est, SATT Toulouse Tech Transfer



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