Launch of the website for the first R&D dating for Animal Health and Innovation

The website dedicated to the first R&D dating for Animal Health and Innovation is now online! Register via this new portal and find all the news related to this event. These meetings will be held on December 2nd and 3rd 2014 in Lille, hosted within BioFIT. In the form of pre-organized face-to-face business meetings, they are aimed at initiating high-level exchanges between teams from private and public research and biotechnology companies, in veterinary and human medicine in France and Europe. These meetings are organized by the French association of animal health industry in partnership with many organizations[1] and received the support of many others[2].

[1]The Animal Health Carnot Institute, Eurasanté, Medicen Paris Region, the French alliance for research and innovation in health industries, the Ministry in charge of Agriculture through its EcoAntibio plan and the Companies for Accelerating the Technology Transfer (SATT idfinnov, SATT Nord, SATT Conectus Alsace)

[2] The clusters Atlanpôle biothérapie, Eurobiomed and Nutrition Santé Longévité, CVT Valorisation Sud, IRT Bioaster, DVS "Innovation en Vaccinologie" du CVT Aviesan, SATT Sud-Est, SATT Toulouse Tech Transfer

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